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BRIDGING WORLDS: Teaching English in Indonesian Islamic Schools

Judul          BRIDGING WORLDS: Teaching English in Indonesian Islamic Schools

Jenis           : Nonfiksi

Penulis       Idris Sadri, M.Ed., Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Rafida M.Hum., Dr. Isli Iriani Indiah Pane, M.Hum.

ISBN          978-623-8266-62-3

Harga        : Rp110.000


Unlock the doors to a fascinating educational journey with "BRIDGING WORLDS: Teaching English in Indonesian Islamic Schools." This enlightening book offers a deep dive into the unique landscape of English language education within Indonesia's Islamic schools. Through a blend of rich anecdotes, practical teaching strategies, and cultural insights, it sheds light on how educators can effectively bridge linguistic and cultural divides.

Discover the innovative approaches and heartfelt stories of teachers who navigate the complexities of maintaining cultural integrity while embracing global communication skills. "BRIDGING WORLDS" is a must-read for educators, policymakers, and anyone passionate about the intersections of language, education, and culture. Immerse yourself in this compelling narrative that highlights the transformative power of teaching and learning across diverse worlds.